Sunday, February 23, 2014

29 Faces Art Challenge #24 & 25

Making progress on the 29 Faces Art Challenge!

Face #24
Another "guess who?"

I drew this one for Asmic from Amazing and Amusing and her husband. Our two families have a standing joke with sending one another faces of this particular person or pictures of us in front of statues of him.

For better or for worse, the shadow of this man has loomed over almost every city that I have lived in as an adult. And in one city, he literally loomed over us.: ) Growing up, my parents equated him with Satan. And I distinctly remember the irony I felt years later when watching old Soviet movies from the 50's and 60's with Russian friends where he and his followers were the "good guys". 

Anyway, I tried to capture both the harshness and colorfulness of his life with this quick portrait. 

Face #25

Inspired by a book I found in the library called "Zeichnen Lab", this is a silly animal portrait. I painted a watercolor blob and then drew the first animal that came to mind. 


  1. Haha, Sheila, thanks! You would have gotten into much trouble for trying to picture the man if you did it in Soviet Union in Soviet times! I remember my parents forbidding me to draw his portrait lest I do it wrong!
    Love the green eyes!

  2. I love the rapid movement of color in his face.

    And that giraffe, it's awesome, I want one of my own!!!