Saturday, February 22, 2014

29 Faces Art Challenge #20-23

Well, the clock is ticking on our 29 Faces Art Challenge. We have until next Friday to complete all of our faces. Will we make it? I don't know, but we'll sure have had a lot of fun trying!!

Face #20

Guess who?  Although men's faces are usually difficult for me to draw, this one was relatively easy. Could it be that the reason is because I've seen this face for most of my life? (Only in pictures, of course!)

Face #21

I told you I'd return to Nefertiti at some point.: )  I like this one much better than my previous attempt, but maybe I'm just more comfortable with this style.

Here is my 10-year-old son's work:

Face #22

Ironman, I believe.

Face #23 

And a knight!

I'm also sharing on Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary Illustrations!


  1. Love the gold and blue in the Nefertiti portrait! It's also great to see how confident and firm the lines in your son's drawing are.

  2. Iron Man!?! Come on, Transformers, Robots in Disguise!!!

  3. That Knight looks powerful, he rescues all the princesses in the world! (I believe your son isn't so keen on princesses at his age, maybe he at the moment fights bad villains...!)

    I love the colors of your Nefertiti, I've been only once in Egypt, but I still yearn those magnificent colors of ancient paintings, blue, okra, sienna.

  4. Great faces, I like most the first one and Nefertiti. Good work with all of them!

  5. wonderful! ~ Love the 1st one with the joy it radiates ~ Son's sketches are great for his 'era' ~

    artmusedog and carol

  6. Great faces and I love your son's drawing too. Happy SS

  7. These are great. I love the Nefertiti. I see someone already call you on your superhero Your son did a great job.

  8. These are all quite wonderful. ALL!!!!

  9. Your faces are absolutely fun. I especially like your Nefertiti. Well done! Thank you for sharing your illustrations with us. :)