Godly Play

Godly Play is a Montessori-based concept for religious education that can be used at home, in church, or at school. It is rooted in the biblical and theological view that children have spiritual experiences from the very beginning of their existence. However, since children come into the world as non-verbal beings, they lack the linguistic abilities to put words to their experiences. Through the natural mediums of play and artistic expression, Godly Play aids children (and adults!) in developing a language in which to talk with and about God, interact with their world, and combine their daily life experiences with the biblical narrative. 

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Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and Young Children in Worship are also Montessori-based concepts that I draw from as well. 

Godly Play 101  
Here I explain some of the basics of Godly Play. 
Creative Phase (Response Time)
The Feast

General information:

(In my sidebar under "Biblical and Liturgical Themes" are links to how I have used specific Godly Play and YCW stories.) 

Helpful Websites:

Godly Play Foundation
Godly Play Deutschland e.V
Godly Play UK
Young Children and Worship
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd USA
Katechese des Guten Hirtens 
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Godly Play Blogs:

Wonderful in an Easter Kind of Way - Storyteller uses GP in Junior Church at an Anglican church in Finland.
Gott im Spiel - Godly Play - Markus is a colleague here in Germany who leads GP in a Roman Catholic setting.
Godly Play Spain - David Pritchard writes about the development of GP in Spain.
Living Montessori Now - Deb Chitwood is trained in both GP and Catechesis and writes about her experience as well as providing links to on-line resources.
Watkins Every Flavor Bean -  Emily uses Godly Play with her own children.
All Play on Sunday - This blogger also has lots of ideas for Godly Play as well as sensorimotor worship for children.
What Can We Leave Out? - Jill in North Carolina, USA, also has some interesting posts on her GP experiences.
The Wonder Circle - This blog is from the children's pastor at a Baptist church in Greenville, South Carolina, USA.
David Pritchard - David is a Godly Play Trainer living in Spain.
Amazing and Amusing Asmic uses Godly Play in her home in Moscow.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Blogs:

Thoughts from the Sheepfold - Leslie is Director of Spiritual Formation at an Episcopal church in Ohio, USA.
The Diary of a Sower - Cheryl is a Catechist in a Roman Catholic church in the US.

Where to purchase materials:

Godly Play Resources
Lindenwerkstätten Diakonie Leipzig (Germany)
Godly Play Finland
St. Michael's Workshop (UK)