After-School Clubs

One of the things that I write most about are the after-school clubs in which I incorporate the Godly Play concept and Montessori principles. 

Here are links to the clubs and themes that I have offered over the years. Each link is to the first week of each club where you will find links to the subsequent "episodes". Happy reading!

Advent Club 2016

Easter Club 2016

Advent Club 2015

Spring Godly Play Club 2015

Easter Club 2015

Spring Godly Play Club 2014

Easter Club 2014


  1. Hi!
    I've been looking for a contact button on your site but I can't find one! I'm also based in Berlin, work in children's ministry and am trying to introduce Godly Play in my Ev. parishes without overwhelming my volunteers. I'd love to connect and maybe get some advice or just see how you do it! Do you have some kind of contact info?

  2. Hi there, My e-mail address is in the last paragraph of the "About Me" section. sheilaingermany"at" . I'll look forward to hearing from you!