Nature Projects

As to why I strongly believe that nature pedagogy has an important place in children's ministry, please see Exploring the Creator through Nature.

Below are some nature projects that I have used both in children's church and at home.  As with the art projects, some are my own ideas and some are from other blogs and are duly noted as such. My reason for listing them here is to make finding the ideas more user-friendly.

Ice Ornaments (from Make it Wild)

Orange Peel Bird Feeders (from Naturkinder)

Prayer Pots from wood and clay (from Diane Laney Fitzpatrick)

Cress planted in eggshells (from Naturkinder)

Nature Tables:

Winter nature table

Please feel free to use any of these ideas for private use or link to them, but please ask permission before from me and the various authors before publishing them in any way.