Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wool Creations / Märchenwolle

I haven't posted much lately, because of being busy with end-of-the-year stuff at my elementary school. But I have managed to find some time to get in a couple of craft projects before Eastertide is over. 

When this little guy showed up on our nature table about halfway through Eastertide, my daughter was so excited!

I found it in this book at the library. One of my favorite pastimes is looking at old craft books there. It's such an easy project. You take a long piece of wool and make two knots. One for the head and one for the body. 

Another fun project from the book was a simple wet-felted butterfly which my kids and I did together. I must admit that I have always been a little leery of trying to make things out of wet felt, because it always sounded complicated. But the author explained that all you need to do here is gently rub wool that has been dampened with a little soap and warm water in your palm to stretch it. 

My test butterfly. I always test projects, before i do them
with kids to see where the pitfalls are.

My kids wanted to craft something with me on Mother's Day, so we gave it a try. The first thing we did was to make a butterfly pattern by folding a piece of paper and then drawing one half of the butterfly to make it asymmetrical. 

Then, we dampened and stretched the wool by rubbing it in the palm of our hands. I don't have pictures, because my hands were wet and I had to help the kids some. Here my son stretches the pattern over his wool to get ready to cut out the butterfly.

We then used paint to dye the wool.

Then, you take two long strips of wool and twist them to make the body and feelers. Here my son is sewing the body to the wings.

My daughter painting her butterfly purple.

You can see the seam on my test butterfly.

And these are our finished butterflies that will soon show up on our Pentecost / Whitsun table!


  1. These butterflies are very pretty, I have only tried wet felting once, but would love to try it again, looks like a fun craft book! :)

    1. Thanks, April! Featherglen says this book is in English, so you might try finding it. Many of the projects are really easy.

  2. Very nice! I have that book in English - be warned wool is very addictive - you can make just about anything out of it! And it is surprisingly easy too. Wet felting is a great stress buster!

    1. What is the book called in English? I have been wondering how one would translate "Märchenwolle", which literally means "fairy tale wool".

  3. It is 'More Magic Wool, creating figurres and pictures with dyed wool' - I think this means there is a book called just 'Magic Wool' but this one has instructions for figures in it which I specifically wanted to create a Nativity set - lovely winter craft.

  4. What a great project with your children!

  5. Thanks for joining up with my link party for crafting with children. This is a great project!!