Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pentecost (Whitsun) Nature Table 2012

With a tinge of sadness, we said 'good-bye' to Eastertide and then 'hello' to Pentecost and the beginning of summer with our Pentecost nature table. 

To the left you will notice our red box that is filled with things that remind us of what happened on Pentecost. (To find out what is inside, click here!)

The wooden flame stacker reminds us of the Jesus' disciples being filled with God's amazing love and power after receiving the marvelous gift of the Holy Spirit. I hadn't planned on using the rainbow stacker, but my daughter added it and it seems to fit beautifully with everything else. Another reminder of the hope that God gives us each day. 

Butterflies . . . 

and more butterflies!

I hinted that you might see these butterflies again. (See this post to find out how we made them!) I love how the felt mimics the translucent texture of a real butterfly's wings.

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  1. I am glad your daughter added the seems very fitting. I would have loved to put out a set like this when my kids were small. Pentecost does get overlooked here unfortunately.