Monday, May 21, 2012

Eastertide Guest Post #6: Beulah Land

Our latest post in the Eastertide series is about another storytelling-based concept for children's ministry.  The author is Margaret Pritchard Houston, Families Pastor for St. George's Church, Campden Hill (in Kensington, in London). As well as writing about children's ministry for the Church of England and Diocese of London, she maintains a blog about her work at St. George's: For All the Saints. If you follow that blog already, you'll have seen her photo of the St. George's Play and Pray area on Easter Sunday this year (Storyteller has reproduced it in the picture above.)

Is your eye, like mine, immediately drawn to that Easter image of Christ victorious standing before Martha at the empty tomb?

These are not the flannel-graph materials from the Sunday School of mine or Storyteller's childhood. So we asked Margaret to introduce them and give us a feel for what it's like to work with them. So here we go . . . 

I need to begin with a confession.  This is not an entirely objective review – my mother developed the Beulah Land storytelling materials, and I grew up using them, travelling with her to workshops and handing her the pieces she needed to tell the stories.

But this post is based not on childhood memories but on my own experiences using them in my own ministry at St. George’s Church, Campden Hill, in London . . . 

To read on, please join us here.

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