Sunday, December 4, 2011

Russia "Snapshot" #4: Let it Snow!

I know it's Advent, but I'm still not finished processing our trip to Russia. Really it was the best Christmas present I could ever received with the exceptions of Jesus himself and my daughter's December birth almost 6 years ago.

Right before we left, my son asked, "Mom, do you think there'll be snow? I hope so!" I was more than a little surprised, because most Berliners would rather be someplace warm like Mallorca this time of year. Well, he and my daughter got their wish, because it started snowing the day after we arrived.

My dear friend, Oksana, and I decided to take our kids to Ulan-Ude's Ethnographical Museum, a lovely outdoor museum located just outside the city.

Our kids, below, weren't in much of a picture-taking mood . . .

But we were!

The kids had a great idea . . . 

Snow angels!!

So much fun that, well, who could resist?

Okay, if this picture doesn't scream "Russia", I don't know what would . . . 

In Irkutsk, we also had some snow fun with the son of friends we were visiting.

 Down we go  . . . 

 When you don't speak the other person's language, why not just start building an igloo together?

Not as much snow in Moscow, but still enough to have fun in the park.

Since it is unusually warm here in Berlin for this time of year and it doesn't look like it will be a white Christmas, I am glad that my kids have had a little snow fun already. : )

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