Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Club this Year

Well, some of you may have wondering why I haven't posted on the annual Advent Club that I do at our local elementary school.  Let's just say that things haven't worked out this year quite like I expected. For reasons beyond my control and that I can't blog about, we haven't been able to start.

Hopefully, I will be able to share some things with you soon. But until then, I wanted to re-post the links from last year's Advent Club.  In the Advent Club, I combine Godly Play and social projects to help children understand the Christian beliefs and practices during the Christmas seasons and re-focus their attention away from the consumerism connected to the holiday.

Last year's theme was "Die Hoffung von Weihnachten: an unsere Mitmenschen denken" ("The Hope of Christmas: Thinking of Others"). Our message to the children was that Jesus came as a helpless baby rather than a powerful king with an army and wealth; yet, he changed the world beginning with small steps. And just like Jesus, with God's help, the children can carry the light of Christmas with them all year long and change the world with small steps. And then we took a couple of small steps ourselves: throwing Christmas parties for children from other parts of Berlin.

Here are the posts:

Advent Club Week 1

Advent Club Week 2

Advent Club Week 3

Advent Club Week 4

The theme I planned for this year is called "A Gift for our City". And, hopefully, I will soon be able to tell you more about it.: )

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