Monday, March 3, 2014

Sneak Preview: Another Parable

Here are some materials that I have been working on for a new parable in "Godly Play style". (Please note that this parable is not officially a Godly Play story and not a part of Jerome Berryman's original work.) The story was written by some Godly Play teachers here in Germany and I'll be testing it out in the Easter Club. 

Any guesses as to which 
parable it could be?


  1. yup looks like the prodigal son to me too :-)

  2. Right you are, but we call it "The Parable of the Merciful Father" to place the focus on the father and also to take a closer look at the older brother.

  3. Sheila, that was very good meditative wondering questions. Reminds me of the book "The return of the prodigal son by Henri Nouwen -meditation on fathers, brothers and sons, a very good read using the painting of Rembrandt "The REturn of the Prodigal Son" as based.