Friday, March 14, 2014

In our sketchbooks . . .

Almost everyone in our family has been sick with the flu this week. To entertain ourselves, we've made a lot of art.

My 10-year-old has been reading the Harry Potter books and sketched this collage after finishing up The Order of the Phoenix:

He draws collages quite often and did another that Marvel fans out there will recognize.: )

My daughter loves to paint and experimented with printmaking after getting some ideas in an art book. 

This is the printing block that she made out of string, which is an artistic work in its own right.

She also branched out to chalk pastels. I love the vibrant color and subtle shading in this picture.

As for me, I have been looking for ways to artistically explore Lent. The mythological bird, the phoenix, that rises out of its own ashes, was a symbol that early Christians often used for the death and resurrection of Christ. I find it useful in contemplating how beauty can rise above and arise out of  something that is otherwise incomprehensible. 

This month's Sketchbook Challenge is to sketch with warm or cool colors, so I chose a warm palette for  two of these sketches. 

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