Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ideas for Lent 2014

It's hard to believe that the Lenten season is almost up on us! Discovering and celebrating Lent with my own children and the children in my care has been an unbelievably joyful experience. For those of you who might be new to my blog, here is a list of ideas for observing Lent and where to find them.

Godly Play stories
The two most widely told Lenten stories are "The Mystery of Easter" (here and here), "The Faces of Easter" (here and here), and Jesus and the 12, although you can certainly tell other GP stories as well. See the Easter club entries here to see how I have woven in the stories from other genres in years past. (If you are new to the blog, I can't publish the actual text to the stories. They can be found in Godly Play: Volume 4.)

Devotional Activities

Lenten Prayer Pots

Stations of the Cross with Children 

Identifying with the Poor

Resurrection Eggs Idea 1

Resurrection Eggs Idea 2

Montessori Stations of the Cross Cards

Art Projects

Easter Grass in the Shape of a Cross

Nature Table

Nature Table 2011

Nature Table 2012

Social Projects
Visit a Senior Citizens' Center - Many people only visit Seniors at Christmas, but Lent is an excellent time to do this. See what our Easter Club did in this post. 

Holy Week
Crown of Thorns Bread

And if you need even more ideas, here is a Lenten Link-Up from 2012.

Easter Club will start on March 17. We have some new stories and activities planned, so please stay tuned!

I'll also be posting soon on Eastertide ideas, since many of you are already looking ahead to that season as well!


  1. I confess that the Mystery of Easter script had never "grabbed" me. But your positive posts about it have been digesting inside me, and this week I finally knuckled down and learned it. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome! So glad that you tried it out!