Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Shout Outs

Hi everyone, Here are my "Saturday Shout Outs" - things that have inspired me this week. Hope you enjoy them as well.

Generation to Generation by Troy at Playfull.
Troy reviews a book that talks about how practicing an "non-anxious presence" or "playful disposition" in times of stress can bring peace and stability to relationships. 

A Liturgy in our Home 
by Emily at Watkins Every Flavor Beans.
Emily shares some thoughts with us about her family settling into an "autumn" liturgy. 

Mary Cassatt tries a Japanese woodblock print style 
by Barbara at It's About Time.
Barbara is an art historian who shares lovely works of art that don't make many of the popular art collection books. (I thought that I knew a lot about art history until I started reading her blogs!) This article features some lesser known works by Mary Cassatt, one of my all-time favorite artists from the Impressionist period, whose main theme was women and children.

If you have read something this week that inspired you, please leave a link in the comments, so that we can read along, too!

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