Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jerome Berryman on "The Christian Language System"

Here is a recent video from Jerome Berryman, the creator of Godly Play, with some important thoughts on children and why they are important to all of us, whether we have contact with them or not. He goes on to explain a term that we throw around a lot in Godly Play circles, but don't always define: "the Christian language system". Another interesting thing is that you get a tour of a real Godly Play room, which many of us in my part of the world don't see on a regular basis.

I also love how playful he is in this video. Godly Play has taught me more and more about how to be playful and not take life so seriously, and I hope that I am as playful as he is when I am that age!

Jerome Berryman: Learning the Christian Language Through Godly Play from The Episcopal Diocese of Texas on Vimeo.


"Play is also connected to the learning of social roles. That's the beginning of ethics, isn't it? It's connected to the learning of ethics, which is what is going on here [in a Godly Play room]It is also connected to the creative process, which is how it [the language] gets incorporated into the child and is  put into action    . . . You get a type of playful orthodoxy."

- Jerome Berryman

Hope you enjoy!

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