Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sneak Preview: St. Columba

Columba was always one of my favorite saints. Because he loved books. Because he made terrible mistakes and learned from them. Because he was Irish.  I'll be very excited to tell this story to my kids later on this year. 

The weather was cold and rainy on Saturday, so we spent most of the day inside having arts and crafts time. (Though we did get outside for an hour - I am a firm believer in spending time outside every day no matter what the weather is like!) And Mom got to work on some Godly Play materials.

This story in Godly Play Volume 7 calls for several items. The first is a Columba figure that I made out of a peg doll. I added some brown wool roving for his beard and a blue and yellow felt hat.

I also needle-felted a dove. I am very new to needle-felting, so this is the first time that I have tried to make a living thing. I used ideas from this tutorial about how to shape a bird's body. My daughter says it looks more like a white duck, but I think it'll do.

Then, I printed out and mounted pictures of the monastery at Iona and illuminated script from the Book of Kells on canvas board.

You'll have to wait until June, though, to hear more about the story.: )

Here's a look at all the saints that I have made so far:

L to R: Thomas Aquinas, Valentine, Patrick, Columba, Elisabeth of Portugal, 
Teresa of Avila

My next one will probably be Mother Teresa of Calcutta in September.


  1. I've never heard of Columba! Love your little dove and how fun that your kids had seen the Book of Kells face to face!

    1. Thanks, Asmic! The kids saw me making the materials and wanted to hear the story already.: )

  2. Finally getting to catch up on my blog reading, I love your Saint Peg dolls! They all look wonderful. I will look forward to June to hear more of this story. :)

  3. Wait! Printed out on canvas board? What is that and how do you do it? I printed out mine on cardstock and laminated them, but your way seems so much richer and Godly Play like! Please share!

    1. Hi Jill, Nice to hear from you! In art supply stores, you can buy canvas material in several forms: mounted on a wooden frame, a roll of material, or wrapped around a thin board. The kind mounted on boards come in a variety of sizes and this one is about 8x8 cm. I glued the printed out images onto the canvas board and then varnished it with a clear acrylic varnish. The finished product is nicer to touch than plastic, but lamination might be more durable.: ) FIY, I laminate plenty of stuff as well.