Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Eastertide!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday! 

After attending a sunrise service with some friends at a local church, we had lovely Easter brunch at our house. Later on, since there was a ton of snow on the ground and I was still a bit sick, we opted to hunt the Easter eggs in our apartment. 

The first thing my daughter did after getting dressed was to go to the
nature table and roll the stone away from the empty tomb. Then,
she changed the cross from purple to white.

Happy Spring, huh? Apparently, we Berliners
are having the coldest March in 130 years!
We made a Russian Easter cake called a "kulich"
for brunch. Mine looks a little like a giant
mushroom, because the dough overflowed
the coffee can while baking.: )
The last few days we've just been enjoying the time off from school to meet with friends and do some things that we don't normally get to do when school is in session. On Easter Monday (we get two days for Easter in Germany!), we visited a well-known medieval festival near the Chorin Monastery just outside of Berlin. We were treated to a medieval Passion Play as well as fire-spitting acrobats and a dragon. My son loved shooting a bow and arrow best of all.

The Monastery at Chorin

On Tuesday, we got to see baby chicks hatching at the Kindermuseum MachMit!, a hands-on children's museum in the Prenzlauerberg district of Berlin. It also has an amazing jungle-gym labyrinth on the top floor. Makes me wish I was a kid again!

And on Wednesday, we visited a stable and got to ride horses.

We've also started using our Resurrection cards and telling all the stories about Jesus between the resurrection and his ascension. 

Easter is such a wonderful time of year, and now 
we have 6 whole weeks to celebrate it!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful break! Your nature table is so beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! Hope your Easter Sunday was wonderful as well!

  2. Love the kulich and all the fun thing you got to do!

    1. Thanks, Asmic! Can't wait to see your Easter celebration in 6 weeks.: )