Sunday, April 28, 2013

Creative Response to The Lord's Prayer

I wanted to highlight an idea for helping children go deeper with The Lord's Prayer that we used in the Easter Club this year.

After sharing a "Godly Play-style" story about The Lord's Prayer, we invited the children to a table where they could explore the prayer a little more.

We printed out copies of each verse of the prayer on strips of paper, and set them out on a table along with oil pastels, colored pencils, construction paper, glue and scissors.

We then invited the children to pick the verse that they liked best or that was most important to them. They could glue it onto a piece of construction paper, and then draw or write something about it.

This allows children to process individually and hopefully make the prayer their own.


  1. Great idea! Did you take pictures of what they drew?

    1. No, I didn't get to take any pictures that day.: (