Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sketchy Sunday

We're joining the Artsy Ants for Sketchy Sunday again this week! I haven't been doing nearly enough sketching lately, so I am thankful for the accountability that this blog party challenges me with. 

We're several weeks behind, but better late than never. 

Here is an entry for "Cozy":

I couldn't resist drawing this sweet little girl's hair for the theme "Hair":

"Clean" with Conte Crayons:


And this is my son's entry for "Spring". 
I love the man looking down the groundhog hole 
and the clouds fighting with one another!

Honestly, I haven't been very pleased with my sketches lately. But I remember the words of Mona Brookes from Drawing with Children saying that no artist likes everything she draws, and that we have to give ourselves permission not to like everything.: )

  . . . 

Die Artsy Ants bieten jede Woche eine Link-Party für Zeichnen-Skizzen an. Da ich am Anfang des Jahres vorgenommen habe regelmäßig zu zeichnen (was ich in den letzten Jahren vernachlässigt habe), helfen mir die wöchentliche Themen dran zu bleiben und mehr Spass darin zu haben.: )


  1. Super Skizzen - und "air" ist ja richtig, richtig toll geworden :)
    Herzliche Grüße von Alessa

  2. I'm in love with these sketches!
    It's so true about not loving everything I draw. That is part of the Sketchy Sunday challenge for me, getting over not loving it and still showing it on the blog. We're just regular artists that won't reach perfection, but we're having a whole lot of fun, aren't we?! ;)

    1. Thanks, Simona! You're so right - we are having lots of fun and that's what counts.