Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sketchy Sunday: Pets + Spring

We're joining the Artsy Ants again for Sketchy Sunday! The past two weeks haven't afforded us a lot of time for sketching with school, the Easter Club, a Serve the City project and church. But here's what we've got . . . 

Last week's theme was "Spring", so I sketched this while waiting for my kids at an Abenteurerspielplatz ("Adventure Playground"). Unfortunately, it's still not looking very springy in Berlin.

and here is a sprouting seedling . . . 

As you can see, when I'm pinched for time, I stick to my favorite medium of black ink. But I did happen to have my watercolors out two weeks ago for the Parable of the Sower and sketched a cat for the "Pets" theme.

My son asked me to share this self-portrait with our hamster, Hammy, that he did a while back.

And my daughter handed in a sketch for "Telephone", which was the theme about a month ago.: ) She also exercised a little creative spelling in German.

If you like to sketch, please join us at the Artsy Ants


  1. These are all so nice again, can't tell you which is my favorite :) The cat looks a little like mine, very sweet. And the self portrait with the hamster, wow!

    I'm happy you had a chance to go to the Abenteurerspielplatz, I have very fond memories of the ones around where we grew up.

  2. lovely sketches, thanks so much for joining!

  3. Great sketches! And I really love Hammy :)