Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Art Project: Wooden Easter Tree Decorations

This is one of the projects that we did in Easter Club this year. It was directly inspired by this post at April's Homemaking. April, who always has great ideas, sawed thin discs from her Christmas tree trunk and made them into ornaments for next year. 

In Germany, people make "Easter Trees" out of branches placed in a vase. (You can see one of ours here.) When I saw April's post, I immediately thought, "Oh, we could do that to make Easter Tree decorations!" 

Not having access to an electric saw, I then tried in vain to do it with a hand saw. I eventually gave up, but the idea stayed in my head. Later on, I asked my children's godfather, who is quite the handyman, if he perhaps had an electric saw. He did indeed have one and sawed beautiful discs from a plum tree branch at their summer house.

Here are the wooden discs . . . 

Then, I carefully screwed metal hooks into each disc.

At Easter Club, we made small "stands" out of modelling clay, so that the children could paint both sides with ease.

The ornaments drying . . . 

The last step was to tie ribbons on the ornaments. And here is the finished product ready to hang on our Easter Trees at home!

. . . 

Diesen Osterstrauss-Schmuck haben wir bei der OsterAG gemacht.

Wir liesen eine Ast vom Pflaumenbaum in Scheiben gesägt werden. Dann haben wir Schraubösen herein geschraubt. Dann haben die Kinder die Scheiben angemalt und eine Schleife daran zugebunden.

Voila! Etwas Buntes für den Osterstrauss!

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  1. Awh, they are lovely! We're making our Easter tree at the moment.

  2. Please take pictures of it, so we can see!

  3. We love making things from wood: blocks, buttons.. never thought of decorations. Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Hope to see you again tomorrow!