Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sketchy Sunday + New Drawing Inspiration

We're back at Sketchy Sunday this week, a bi-weekly sketching challenge from the Artsy Ants

We're a couple of weeks behind, so I'm just now posting the previous theme of "Sit".

My 7-year-old daughter joined in with this drawing inspired by one of the "American Girl" books that we have been reading.

This week's theme is "See". Babies are hard to draw, because their proportions are so different, but I'm getting better at it. : )

On another note, I've been working through Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm. Hamm was a cartoonist and graphic artist in the 1950's and 60's, so many of his models look like old MGM screen stars, but the technical advice is incredible. I later found out that he also studied theology at my alma mater, Baylor University.

I've spent a lot of time practicing facial features, as you can see.

And I have been playing with Zentangles as well. A very fun and meditative way to relax after a long day. I did this one using a template from Erin at The Bright Owl.

If you've been creative this week, leave a link in the comments or join us at the Artsy Ants!


  1. You've been really busy sketching, that's great!
    I think your practice and studies have paid off already, don't you think?
    Using books like the one you mentioned really works. As a kid I used to go to the library with my sister, she'd get "real" books and I'd get books on art, etc. And I must say I really learned a lot from the books on drawing and sketching. I think I should get into that again, I feel like I'm getting a bit rusty.

    1. I can see that your childhood love of those books has also paid off! I love how your sketching is so "loose" and free.