Monday, November 11, 2013

Martinsbrötchen (St. Martin's Rolls)

Every November 11 (and a few days before and after) in Berlin, you see scores of children with beautiful hand-made lanterns parading around in the darkness singing songs about St. Martin of Tours. (If you are unfamiliar with St. Martin's story, see here.) It's a simple holiday celebrating kindness that takes place right after the autumn days begin to grow shorter.

There are many traditions surrounding St. Martin's Day, but one of my favorites are the Martinsbrötchen (St. Martin's rolls). These are sweet rolls that you break in half and share with a friend in remembrance of Martin sharing his cloak with the poor, freezing man. 

We baked some for the first time this year using this recipe. The ingredient that makes it taste so good is a very thick type of sour cream called "Quark". If you don't have quark on hand, you could probably substitute creme fraiche. 

Although my son is too old for the lanterns and parades, he still was excited about making the sweet rolls, as was my daughter. She and I then took them to the Martin's parade to share with friends. 

Many blessings to you and your family on this special day!

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