Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to hold the People of God figures

It's the subtle things in Godly Play that bring emotion and artistry into the story. One small thing that makes a difference is how we hold the People of God figures when telling the Sacred Stories. Beginners  often grab the figures by the head to move them through the desert. (I did this for a long time as well and there are probably embarrassing videos of me out there telling stories with the 'head-grip'.) Unfortunately, this can give the non-verbal impression that God is a puppeteer who drags us along. Holding the figures in a more respectful way communicates something altogether different. 

Holding onto the arms or somewhere below the shoulders is a good way to do it. Sometimes, it requires more jostling to move the figures in the right direction, but it is more graceful in the long run.


  1. :) :) Thanks for this! It's something I was taught right from the start, and that I occasionally suggest to others (or even "correct", I hope gently).

  2. I never thought about this. What a good point. Subtle, but important.