Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sand, Ziggurats and the Tower of Babel

A couple of days ago, I sent my family out to the playground, so I could finish up a few chores at home. When I finally joined them, they were building a sand castle.

Me: "Hey guys, that's a really cool sand castle you're building"

My 8-year-old son (matter-of-factly): "It's a ziggurat, Mom." 

Okay, not the answer I was expecting! 

I am fairly certain that ziggurats were not on my mind at age 8, much less attempting to build one. But he had just read about the Tower of Babel in his Adventure Bible that morning, and the historical snippet to the text explained that the famous tower had probably been a type of ziggurat and included a picture. 

The ziggurat sand castle and its architects.

Don't you love how children creatively explore the things on their mind?

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