Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guest Post: Chameleon Godly Play

We're finally back from our vacation in southern Bohemia (pictures to come!) and my friend Storyteller posted a guest entry from me over at Wonderful in an Easter Kind of Way. It's about my experience of adapting Godly Play into all kinds of different settings. 

At school.
Chameleons have always fascinated me. They change their color in various social situations and to blend in with their current setting. They’re also a good metaphor to describe my life since it was „taken over“ by Godly Play several years ago.

One of the many personality tests that I have taken over the years describes me as a „Maximizer“. That means that when I put the time and effort into learning something, I figure out how to use the heck out of it.: ) Much like a chameleon, I figure out how to make whatever I am doing blend with the current setting.

Please join us here to read the whole article!

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