Monday, April 2, 2012

Time for some more Land Art!

Spring is such a wonderful time to make land art!! There are tons of interesting things lying around on the ground and the only limit is you and your child's imagination. 

Why do land art? Well, as Julia Brooklyn and Richard Shilling of Land Art for Kids write, "With it comes opportunities to learn about nature, to appreciate it's wonders, to learn respect for it and our place within. But there is also bag loads of exercise, fresh air, creativity and fun to be had. Each as important for ourselves and our children as a learned respect for the world that we share." Please check out their website for lots of fun ideas!

I've written a great deal about how the modern child is often disconnected from our natural world. This has broad negative consequences for the child's physical and spiritual development  that ultimately hinder the development of society as a whole.  If we care about this amazing world that God has given us, let's get our kids outside to play and explore!

Here is our first piece of spring land art made spontaneously on the playground today. It's a simple mandala made of acorn caps, pods, dandelion, and rocks. 

Next time you hear, "Mom, I'm bored!", look and see what you find on the ground and make some art!


  1. Do you know the artist Andy Goldsworthy? He is the original 'land artist' - based in the UK. His work is really inspiring - my husband loves playing in nature like that!

    1. Yes, his work is amazing! I've been wanting one of his books for a while as well. So fun that your family loves to do this, too!