Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eastertide Post #1: Stations of the Resurrection

One of the great things about blogging is the friendships that you develop with people who share similar interests. I met Storyteller from Wonderful in an Easter Kind of Way , a Godly Play practitioner in Finland, early on in my blogger experience and have been enriched personally and professionally by our virtual conversations. During Lent we hosted the Celebrating Lent Link-Up and had a blast hearing and learning from so many of you. Since we put so much effort into Lent, we also wanted to do something just as special for Eastertide. Storyteller suggested that instead of a link-up, we should host a guest post series about celebrating Eastertide. So for the next six weeks, we'll be sharing some special posts from ourselves and various blogging friends. Today, it's my turn . . . 

You may be familiar with the Stations of the Cross, but did you know that there are 
Stations of the Resurrection as well? 

After several years of doing the Stations of the Cross with my children and finding them so meaningful, I thought it odd not to spend just as much time focusing on the Resurrection. I was looking for something similar for Eastertide when I found out about this awesome tool through Lacy at Catholic Icing. (If you are not familiar with Lacy's blog, it is full of wonderful ideas!) 

The Stations of the Resurrection cover all of the stories found in the four Gospels and beginning of Acts that happened after Jesus was resurrected and began appearing to different people . . . 

To read the rest of this article, join us at Wonderful in an Easter Kind of Way!

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