Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Russian" around (again!)

I'm rushin' around this week (terrible pun, I know, but I couldn't resist) getting prepared to take part in the first-ever Godly Play conference to be held in the country of Belarus. My talented friend, Helen Spencer, from Teach Beyond came up with the idea. She has invited Peter Privett, the author of several books on children's spirituality, a Godly Play practitioner named Anita from Latvia, and me to share with local children's workers. I am so thrilled to be a part of introducing this wonderful concept for encouraging children's spirituality in a Russian-speaking country!

During our two days together, Peter will share on children's spirituality. (I am looking forward to hearing him speak, not only for his wealth of knowledge, but because he and Rebecca Nye were instrumental in introducing Godly Play to Germany.) The following day all of us, including Helen, will be sharing Godly Play stories. I will be doing "The Faces of Easter". I am so glad to be able to tell this story, since it is Eastertide and I've just told it in German. It is, however, an incredibly long story, so I have a lot of homework this week in order to learn it it Russian! Then, Peter will do an enrichment lesson, and I will speak using about Godly Play in the home and at school.

I would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers on Friday and Saturday as we gather together to see what God has for us!


  1. gosh darn it, I go away for a little bit and you start tryin' out puns...

    1. Well, you're not around to keep me from taking myself too seriously, so I gotta do something.: )