Thursday, December 1, 2016

Some Special Symbols

I find symbols very meaningful in my spiritual journey. These are some special symbols that I often wear when I am with the children to remind me of certain spiritual truths.

The Celtic knot above (on the left) has a triangular shape that represents the Trinity, and the interlinking circle represents mankind. I wear this particular Celtic knot, because it reminds me that the Sacred Three-in-One is always near and that we are intricately woven into relationship with this Triune God. 

The second cross is the Tau cross, an ancient symbol named after the Greek letter. It was especially beloved by St. Francis of Assisi, who lived a simple life of service to God and who saw nature as a mirror to God's character. This cross reminds me to cherish the creation and be attentive to how it speaks to me of the Divine. 

And the third is the Maltese cross. This one reminds me that the ability to do both good and evil lies in each one of us. Sometimes we lose our way, but God graciously helps us get back on track. That is the story of the order that designed this cross. 

The Knights of Malta began as servant monks who built hospitals and cared for the sick and dying. Each person in their care was to receive equal medical treatment, whether they were prince or pauper. Sadly, as the Crusades began, the Knights of Malta strayed from their original calling and became a class of warrior-monks, who evolved at one point into little more than pirates, looting and enslaving others in God's name. Their kingdom and power, however, came to an end, and they were forced by Napoleon to leave Malta forever. Today, the Maltese orders have returned to their original purposes and carry out numerous social services for people all over the world. Their story reminds me that should I get lost for a while, the Good Shepherd will lead me back to the fold. 

What are symbols that have special meaning for you?


  1. Hello Sheila, love your post on those meaningful spiritual symbols, very enlightening. Your post on symbols reminds me of the Holy Listening Stones, very exciting also, have you heard of it?

    1. Hi Janie, Thanks for the link! I had not heard of this method, but it seems very much in tune with Godly Play. Symbols are so powerful!