Friday, October 3, 2014

What effect does childhood play have on our future?

I've just finished my first week of the "Exploring Play" on-line course offered by the University of Sheffield. I've already learned a lot and some real-life and Godly Play friends from all over the world have joined in!

One of our first assignments asked the question, "How does our childhood play affect our future choice of profession as adults?" It was incredible to read all of the "Aha! moments" from my virtual classmates as they realized how much their choices of play in childhood played a role in choosing their future jobs. 

I myself have vivid memories of pretending to be a schoolteacher with my dolls and stuffed animals. I also played school with other kids and always wanted to be the teacher! I also remember making art, creating things, and telling stories. 

I, of course, still do all of these things with children in my roles as Godly Play and English teacher.: )

Did your childhood play choices have an impact on your future profession? 

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