Saturday, October 11, 2014

Taking care of your own spiritual needs

One of the things we were reminded of at the European Trainers' Conference was to continue to look after our own spiritual needs and help others on their Godly Play journey to do the same.  Gemma Simmonds, one of our speakers, said that " . . . you need more than just you to sustain such a big ministry [as Godly Play]". 

Honestly, I needed to hear this, because I haven't always been really great at looking after myself, so to speak. And because Godly Play doesn't usually lead to burn-out through its understanding of us being co-learners with the children, I sometimes forget that I need outside input in my life.

One of the things that I am doing right now to look after my soul is an Ignatian on-line spiritual retreat. I am drawn to Ignatian methods, because they combine Scripture with imagination. Imaginative play was and is my favorite form of play, so it is a natural way for me to relate to God. 

If anyone else happens to be interested, here is the link to the retreat:

An Ignatian Prayer Adventure online retreat

I am also seeking some "live" mentors. I have had wonderful women in the past who have fulfilled this role for me, and I think the time has come to have some more in my life.

What are some ways that  you look after your own spiritual needs?


  1. Reading this blog of yours, Sheila)) Always refreshing!

    1. Thanks, Asmic! I could say the same of you.: )