Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Remembering Muriel Silberstein-Storfer

I'd like to take a moment and remember Muriel Silberstein-Storfer, a pioneer in art education and the author of Doing Art Together, whom I have written about several times on this blog. I did not know her personally, but a friend of mine who is an art teacher in Texas did, and she introduced me to Miriam's work about 8 years ago when I was looking for ways to incorporate art into children's church. 

Source: Staten Island Advance
In some ways, Miriam prepared me for my future work with Godly Play. She was a woman who obviously loved and understood children. She also believed that art could help children develop their linguistic skills. From her I learned never to ask a child, "What is that?" when discussing his/her artwork. She also helped me to discover what kinds of  questions were helpful. Exactly the sort of things that we learn and teach in Godly Play trainings. I don't know if she and Jerome Berryman ever met, but I'm sure they would have liked each other.: )

To read more about her life and achievements, see this article. Also, click here to see how I used her methodology with my own children.

And if you don't have a copy of Doing Art Together, it should definitely be a part of your library!

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