Friday, January 31, 2014

"The Pearl" with Seniors

On Sunday, I'll once again be leading a worship service at a local retirement home along with one of the facility's staff members. My "sermon" will be the Godly Play version of the Parable of the Great Pearl, also known as the Pearl of Great Price. 

You may recall that I told the Parable of the Good Shepherd to the same group in November. One of the challenges of telling the stories with Seniors is that many of them have poor eyesight. As a result we have to make the materials much larger so that they can easily be seen.

So, today I've been finishing up my figures for the story. I photocopied the wooden figures and enlarged them by 160%. Then, I "upcycled" some Amazon packaging from Christmas by attaching the figures to the cardboard to make them more sturdy.

Here you can see the difference in the size of the wooden figures and the new cardboard ones.

I will not be telling the story on the floor, since that might also prove difficult for the Seniors to see. Instead I'll be kneeling and the figures will be on two large tables stacked on top of each other. Hence the tablecloth. We are opting not to use a white felt circle as the underlay and will be using a white tablecloth instead.

Below you can see my set-up to practice on my kitchen table. The felt houses seem enormous as do the styrofoam pearls. 

It will a bit of an adventure telling the story, since I can't really practice it at the right height beforehand. I'll just have to be spontaneous when the time comes.: ) 

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