Saturday, January 4, 2014

Alternative Advent Story

I've seen pictures of and heard about an alternative version to the Godly Play Advent story in several places on the internet. David Pritchard, a Godly Play trainer in Spain, was kind enough to let me use one of his pictures to show you. 

Peter Privett, who is a trainer of GP trainers in England, has written the text to this story. It can be downloaded on the Godly Play UK page. (Scroll down a bit to the post by Judy on November 28, 2013.)

For those of you who come from non-liturgical backgrounds or countries and traditions that don't use the liturgical colors and Sundays of the Western Church, then this could possibly be an alternative. 

I also love how Bethlehem is in the middle and all of the figures are moving toward it. And, of course, the paths form a cross, which is another wonderful connection between the Infant Jesus and the adult who gave his life on the cross. 

I've love to know what you think of this idea! Also, if you have told this version, please give us some feedback in the comments.


  1. Hi Sheila, I just discovered this post from 2014, and really appreciate this alternative approach to Advent with both the story and materials. I'm a Godly Play trainer in the US, and also co-creator of the "Faith & Play" stories that Quakers use as a supplement to Godly Play (rather than using the Liturgical Action stories). I created an alternative Advent story for Quakers because we don't use the liturgical calendar or colors -- and now I'm glad to have this resource as well!
    I enjoy your blog, many thanks for the work you share here. In faith and friendship, Melinda

    1. Hi Melinda, I just saw this comment - sorry for the long delay in responding! So nice to hear your feedback, and I am glad that you enjoy the blog. I have heard about Faith & Play from Carol, and I am encouraged by it to see how Godly Play can adapt, thrive and grow in all kids of traditions! Have a blessed Christmastide!