Thursday, December 5, 2013

Advent Art Project: Simple Advent Wreath

Here is a simple idea for an Advent wreath that most any child can manage and enjoy. All of the credit for this idea goes to Kiki at Kikis Web, a German-language craft site for kids. (Thanks, Kiki, for sharing your idea!) With only 3 weeks for art during the Advent Club, I needed a project that many of the children could finish in one sitting, so when I found this idea, I knew it was perfect.

For this wreath, I used:
- a straw wreath form
- felt stars in different colors
- pretty stick pins
- candleholders
- beeswax candles

Kiki also has a star pattern in several sizes that you can download here.

First, the children affixed the candleholders onto the straw wreath (our candleholders are made for wreaths and have a long pin on the bottom that sticks into the straw wreath). 

Next, they chose colored stars and attached them to the straw wreath with the stick pins. Although I only used purple and white stars for my model, I provided the children with many other colors to choose from.  

The final step was to add the beautiful beeswax candles. 

Voila! A beautiful Advent wreath. 

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