Monday, October 14, 2013

More Autumn Fun: Leaves and Chestnuts

After gathering some leaves in the park, we just had to make crayon rubbings with them to explore the patterns.

This year, we experimented with baking parchment (Backpapier) as the foundation. We put the leaves underneath the paper with the vein side up and used Stockmar block beeswax crayons to make the rubbings. 

The crayon appears pastel-like on the parchment paper. 

Our refridgerator is now nicely decorated!

We have also been crocheting! After my daughter learned to finger crochet recently, it inspired me to pull out my crochet hooks. I found a great on-line pattern for acorns at Squirrel Picnic and made these guys below. (You may remember my acorn obsession!) 

Both kids also wanted to learn to crochet, so I have been teaching them as well. So far, they get really tired after about 10 minutes, so we'll see if they continue with it.: ) But at any rate, it is great for their fine motor skills and developing the ability to learn something new and follow instructions. 

I also made this acorn necklace below using the same pattern but with embroidery skein.

What kind of autumn activities have you been up to?


  1. Hi Sheila! This is Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic. Your acorns look awesome! Thanks so much for choosing my pattern to make them. Would you mind if I featured one of your photos of them in a roundup of projects called You Made This! at the beginning of the new year? I will be sure to include your name and can even link to your blog if you like.

    1. Hi Jennifer, Sure you can use the picture and a blog link would be most appreciated! They were a lot of fun to make. Thanks for sharing your pattern with everyone.