Sunday, August 11, 2013

Inspiring Art Blogs

Hi everyone, We're back to Berlin for good now and school has started! It's been a rough week for blogging, because in addition to my kids starting school, I've had to get my own lesson plans together. Shakespeare with my sixth graders, Greek myths with my fourth and fifth graders - it should be a fun year.: ) 

My next entry in the "Inspiring Blogs" series is about inspiring art blogs. Hope you enjoy making some new friends!

That Artist WomanArt Projects for KidsDeep Space Sparkle

You may already know these great blogs from my side bar and previous posts. Gail, Kathy and Patty, respectively, have deeply enriched my knowledge of how to teach art. These blogs are great go-to places for art project ideas that have been tested on their art students. That Artist Woman has also introduced me to new and interesting techniques. 

The Art of Education

This ingenious blog talks about a topic that many art teachers avoid: the organizational side of art. Just what do you do with those 150 clay sculptures that the second grade made last year? And how do you get the right supplies when your budget is really tight? 

Even if you are not an art teacher, you can benefit from the conversations going on in at this website. And as a Godly Play teacher, the art materials may not be your forte. Here you can get some really helpful tips about how to have the children clean those paint brushes in an orderly manner or how to set up your art shelves.  


Jane's blog combines her love of nature, children and art. I love to read about her projects with children as well as her own creative journey that she documents in her blog.

Mini Matisse

How could you not like a blog with a name as cool as "Mini Matisse"? Named after her daughter, art educator Mrs. Hahn writes about art adventures at home as well as with her elementary students at school. 

Sharon Tomlinson

Sharon is a multi-media artist. She chronicles her projects in this blog as well as musing on life and being retired. It is refreshing to hear her thoughts about her stage of life and see her continued development as an artist.

Artsy Ants

Sylvia and Simona are two creative sisters and moms who live on two continents, but stay connected through their creative endeavours. They have lots of fun ideas that can be used at home or in the classroom. 

Stay tuned for my final entry:  "Inspiring Blogs of People I actually know!"

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