Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inspiring Nature & Waldorf blogs

We're back in Berlin, but not for long! Tomorrow, we fly to Budapest for a conference. There's not much time to blog, but I am trying to get a few posts in here and there.

This is the second installment in my "Inspiring Blogs" series. Today, I'd like to highlight some of my favorite Nature and Waldorf-inspired blogs. I draw insight, ideas and inspiration from each of these wonderful ladies that I use both at church and in the classroom.

If you don't know Caroline's blog (her name is pronounced "Car - oh- lee -neh" in German), you are missing out! She started and leads a nature group for children in Bavaria, and writes about their forays into the forest to discover the natural world. Caroline is also very creative and has tons of ideas - from cooking to crafting - to help children cultivate a respect and love for the world around them. She writes in both German and English for her international audience.

Hannah runs a daycare with her mother out of her home in central West Virginia, but it's no ordinary daycare. These lucky children have the joy of learning to live a green lifestyle and explore nature on a daily basis. For green-living ideas and nature education with children, this is the place to tune-in! 


Carrie is a home-schooling Mom in my native state of Georgia who writes about the motivation and why's behind Waldorf-inspired homeschooling. I have especially benefited from Carrie's posts about child development. Unlike many blogs that rely on good photographs, Carrie's blog just relies on good quality writing. I also appreciate that she is also always very thoughtful and respectful in her approach, rather than being preachy. 

Nicole writes about her daily life in her Waldorf-inspired home. Her pictures are breath-taking and her ideas are lovely.

The Magic Onions

Donnie's blog is full of seasonal craft ideas to help children embrace the rhythm of the natural world. She also hosts a series on Thursdays called "Discovering Waldorf", which explains some key principles of Waldorf education.

Marghanita is an artist, children's author and nature-art teacher in Canada. She also writes a great deal about the benefits of outdoor play for the modern child.

Rebecca's blog chronicles her journey in becoming a Waldorf teacher and running a Waldorf-inspired daycare in her home. 

Be sure to check out my lists of inspiring Montessori blogs and Godly Play / CoGS blogs, too!

Coming up: Inspiring art blogs and inspiring blogs from people that I know in "real time" (not just virtually!)


  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for including our blog! (we are in central WV though lol)

    1. Oh sorry, I will definitely change that!

  2. Oh thank you! Such an honor to be among such wonderful blogs!!

  3. <3 Thank you, Sheila, for sharing. And for all your inspiring tips! All the best,

    "Car - oh- lee -neh" :-)))

  4. I have been falling behind in my blog reading and it sure is nice to be able to go to some new to me blogs when I have the chance to read. I'm off to check out these links. Thank you for sharing.

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