Sunday, May 26, 2013

Celebrating Pentecost

Our Pentecost celebration in Children's Church was rather scaled down this year. First of all, most of the kids that normally come weren't there for various reasons. Secondly, we didn't have our traditional cupcakes to celebrate the church's birthday, because my co-teacher, who wanted to bake them, was sick. But, we made the best of it and had a pretty good time together.

It's the one time of the liturgical year where we get to use the color red!  Our liturgical "clock" below shows the time.

Our focus table.
I told the Godly Play "Mystery of Pentecost" story, which you can read more about here, here and here

I limited our Response Time to the following activities: needle-felting with wool, drawing with colored pencils and a Montessori Practical Life activity. Below you can see the materials for needle-felting and drawing. Later this week, I'll show you the Practical Life tray activity.

The kids chose to spend their time needle-felting afterwards. We made things that remind us of spring such as butterflies and birds. I love the butterfly as a symbol of Pentecost, because it implies the transformation that takes place as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We spent some time talking about this together. 

This is a needle-felted symbol of the Trinity.
On a funny note, my daughter spontaneously set up her Playmobil house the same as we do for the church brunches. 

with the adults in the living room doing their thing . . . 

and the kids sitting in a Godly Play circle in the kitchen!  
She even made up her own parable with a vase, flowers and two cows.: )

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  1. The needle-felted Trinity symbol is wonderful! Was that yours? Or how old was its maker?

    And I would love to sit in that circle and hear the parable of the flowers and the cows.

    1. Yes, the Trinity symbols are mine. And my daughter says she'll write out her parable for you.: )