Friday, September 7, 2012

Art Project: Sand Pictures

Here is a super easy project that is a tactile delight for children: sand pictures. All you need is colored sand, glue and paper! I found this great idea here when planning our newest after-school club, "Expedition in the Desert!". 

To make the colored sand, I used this recipe. You simply mix food coloring and a little water into sand and let it dry out. In Germany, the food coloring is a gel rather than the liquid that one finds in the States. The gel doesn't work at all, so we had to go to a hobby store to find powdered food coloring (pictured). It then worked fine with a little water.

Then, the children "draw" a picture with glue and sprinkle the sand over the glue. They dust off the excess sand and a simple, yet beautiful picture emerges. 

To hear more about "Expedition in the Desert!" and see how we used this project, click here.

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  1. Das hab ich auch noch nie gemacht: Sand mit Lebensmittelfarbe färben! Die Crazy Colours haben wir allerdings auch, also könnten wir es mal ausprobieren... :-) Sheila, ich freu mich von Dir zu hören und dass Du beim GRÜNZEUG mitmachst! Liebe Grüße!