Thursday, March 1, 2012

Celebrating Lent Link-Up!

It's time to share all of your wonderful ideas for Lent again!

I learned so much from all of you last week and have even used several of your ideas in our elementary school's Easter Club that began yesterday. (More on that to come!)

For the entire six weeks of Lent, we are inviting any of you with Lenten-themed or Preparing for Easter posts that fit the following categories to share your ideas with us: 

  • story-based religious activities 
  • art projects 
  • Montessori activities
  • nature-based projects
Please enter your submissions below. All we ask is that you kindly link back to both of our blogs, Explore and Express and Wonderful in an Easter Kind of Way. Feel free to grab the button to the right to add to your blog post.

We will be re-posting each week on Wednesday, although I am one day late this week!


  1. I came to say hi and found this hop...thank you! I will check out the ideas!!
    happy weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Would love it if you added any Lenten thoughts as well!