Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Go Outside!

We spent Holy Week and Easter in Southwest Georgia where I grew up.  My goal during this week was to get my kids outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the best things about this part of the world.  This area has some amazing natural beauty and it's worth fighting the heat and gnats to get out and revel in it!

Picking fresh, sun-ripened strawberries!

The fruits of our labor

Fishing with Granddad!

One of many big ones that the kids reeled in.

At the farm!

A real red barn just like in a picture book
Horsing around with a newborn foal!
Petting the baby chicks

Goats make great playmates.

Sand piles make for hours of fun!

Making a habitat for toy frogs and turtles.
Grandma's old pie tins are the perfect thing!
Introducing my kids to beloved smells from my childhood:

Honeysuckles . . .

 . . . and Magnolia

By the way, my on-line friend, Marghanita, has a wonderful campaign going called the Let's Go Outside Revolution to get North American kids outdoors.  Please check it out and be a part of it!

What are you or your church doing to get kids outdoors to explore God's amazing creation?  I'd love to hear!


  1. Oh Sheila, you are the Revolution!!! Danke! Your photographs are beautiful. What a joy to read your beautiful blog and look at the joy in your childrens' faces. It fills me with so much hope for the future. Thank you so much for your kind comments and support. It is greatly appreciated. Love to you and your family in Germany!!!
    Frieden!!! My beautiful friend.

  2. Thanks, Marghanita! Your work is so important and I fully support it. I sincerely hope and pray that the next generation of North American children will have a very different relationship to the natural world and its treasures than mine did.

  3. gorgeous!
    sadly, our church does not have an outdoor area for the children...but we do take a lot of walks together as a group!

  4. Taking walks together is a great start, Rebecca! And I bet that the Waldorf educator that you've mentioned who works with your children's ministry also does nature-related activities with the children.: )