Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Easter Club Week 4

I realised that I never posted on the last week of Easter Club. Never mind that it's already July! 

Our story was about the Good Shepherd. Here you can see a couple of girls playing with the story during Response Time.

One of our main projects in Easter Club was making prayer labyrinths. In order to help the children understand how to use them, we made a life size prayer labyrinth on the floor. Then, during Response Time, we allowed the children one at a time to go into the room, hold a purple tea light candle and walk the labyrinth, taking as much time as they wanted and needed.

In the center of the labyrinth was a basket of wooden Easter eggs with Christian symbols on them for the children to look at and ponder. 

 Response Time was filled with creative energy! Below you can see how prolific the children were in creating things and making meaning out of the things they heard and experienced.

If you'd like to see the other 3 weeks, follow this link to Week 1.

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