Friday, November 25, 2016

Sacred Space: What does it say to the children?

One of our topics at the Moscow Core Training was about the Godly Play Room and how to set up sacred space for children. Whether one has an actual permanent Godly Play room or not, the sacred space that we set up for children communicates non-verbally to the children. 

At one point, I asked the group to wonder together about the following questions:

What might we as the church say to the children through the room?

What might God want to say to the children through the room?

Here are a few of the things the participants thought of:

- We are waiting for you here. This space and everything in it is for you.
- We love you, and God loves you!
- This is special place for you to meet with God.
- You are valued here.
- God prepared this space for you, and he is waiting for you here. 
- You are important to God.
- God wants to talk to you and you can tell him anything. 
- You are accepted here just as you are!
- We trust you!

As a church-planter in Russia in the early 90's when children's ministry often took place in very inadequate spaces, it really did my heart a lot of good to be with such thoughtful people in Moscow who really get it when it comes to children

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