Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sketchy Sunday: Birds

We're joining the Artsy Ants again for Sketchy Sunday, and this week's theme is birds. 

My son decided has also decided to participate, so here are his sketches of a hawk and an apple for last week's fruit theme.

I am trying to use as many drawing mediums as possible this year, so that I avoid getting comfortable with just one. The black Pitt pens that I drew with last week are my favorite drawing tool.

I drew this owl with my least favorite, a pencil.

I adore my chunky charcoal. It has such a painterly feel to it. Though it is too thick for a sketchbook drawing, I used it anyway for this cardinal.

Next week's theme is "in the kitchen", so it'll be interesting to see what everyone comes up with! Be sure to visit the Artsy Ants to see the other sketches or join in yourself.


  1. How fun that your son also joined us!! I love all the sketches of both of you!
    The charcoal gives the cardinal sketch nice strong contrast, it's neat!
    I agree with you, it'll be interesting to see what everybody will come up with for next week's theme.

  2. i am loving your sketches! these wild birds looks so handsome! the cardinal is my favorite.