Saturday, December 29, 2012

Exploring Christmastide!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day and that you are now enjoying the Christmas Season. Though the stores may tell us that it's all over and done for, now is the time to enjoy the real Gift of Christmas. (For some lovely thoughts on this subject, I highly recommend Creighton University's  Celebrating the Christmas Season.

Since Advent can be packed with parties and other obligations, I have started leaving some of the fun activities like baking cookies until after Christmas Day. It's much more fun when we have some free time and Mom is not stressed. : ) 

Today, my kids and I baked some delicious Pepparkakor, Swedish spice cookies, together. We always use this recipe from Anne, a Swede who blogs about food - it's amazing!

You can see one of the Wise Men here and a camel.
Our Baby Jesus cookie cutter is missing,
so the kids sculpted one using a star as the manger (in the middle).
I'm secretly glad that we couldn't find that cookie cutter!

If you are have ideas for Christmastide, please share them with us - old or new posts! I have decided to keep this link up until Ephiphany.

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