Monday, January 16, 2012

A Fun Treat

Last week my daughter and I made an unexpected trip to the States to visit my Mom, who has been very sick. Seeing her granddaughter was the best medicine in the world for her, and we are so thankful that she is much stronger now. While there, I picked up a treat for us . . . 

The latest Godly Play Handbook: Volume 7,
16 enrichment sessions focusing on the lives of the saints

Volume 7 is not yet available in continental Europe and there are no plans of yet to translate it into German. I bought it mainly as a supplement for my own kids, although I am sure that I will do some rough translations in the future for German-speaking children. This is also the first GP material that I have ever owned in English, so that makes it all the more exciting.

I have been reading the stories devotionally and wondering on my own.  I really like the stories, but am not sure about some of the suggested materials.  The individual stories call for props that relate to the saint's life (for example, a wooden ox for St. Thomas Aquinas and a hazelnut for Julian of Norwich) and then a booklet featuring a picture of the saint, a map of his/her home country, a timeline and then the full story of his/her life. Though informative, the booklets do not seem very playful to me. I am pretty certain that my children would not be very interested in them.  

St. Thomas Aquinas set with booklet from Godly Play Resources

While Godly Play Resources does make flat wooden figures of the saints for the introductory lesson entitled "Introduction to the Communion of the Saints", they cost $127;  so needless to say, I won't be buying them anytime soon.  

Sooooo . . . . I am currently working on a peg doll right now for St. Thomas.: )  I plan on telling the story on Jan. 28, which is his feast day. I'll let you know what the kids think. 

The future St. Thomas along with a stacking flame
that I am painting for Pentecost. 

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