Monday, September 12, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

Last week my daughter had surgery to have polyps in her nose removed and tubes put in her ears.  The surgery went well, but she had a rough time afterwards from the effects of the anesthesia and pain from the surgery itself. Her spirits brightened later that day when my husband handed me a package postmarked from Canada and I told her what it was: the felt pancake set that we won through a giveaway at Petals and Sunshine earlier this year. Good timing, Stephanie!

Isn't it adorable? Two handmade felt pancakes with bananas,
kiwis, blueberries, a strawberry, a pat of butter and some syrup.
Forgetting about how bad she felt, my daughter immediately
put on a party dress and set up a table for the dollies.
Blogging is so much fun - you make new friends and get neat surprises. Thanks, Stephanie, for making a tough day for my daughter more fun!

And be sure to check out Stephanie's blog, Petals and Sunshine!


  1. I'm so glad she liked it! I felt bad for postponing sending the package but I can't believe the good timing of it all in the end. Curiously, I also have polyps in my sinuses and may need that surgery myself. I hope she feels better real soon!

    Hugs, Stephanie

  2. I blame all sinus problems on the Whittenberg Glad she's feeling better!