Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nature Table: Lent

I wanted to share our latest nature table with you. As I've mentioned before, I am convinced that connecting children to God's creation is essential to their understanding of his character. Our nature table owes its inspiration to the Montessori nature tray and the Waldorf nature table.  (There are aspects of both educational philosophies that I consider valuable and we let ourselves be inspired by them.)  It is a great way to visually and playfully remind my children what Lent and Easter are all about and encourage them to pray.  The sand will probably end up on the floor, the water will be splattered here and there, and both will probably end up being a little muddy.: )  So is the journey sometimes. 

Sand . . . 

Jesus walking through the desert,  
Walking through deserts in our own lives,
Hungering and thirsting for more than that which we see,
Remembering our need for God's love and guidance.
One figure for each member of our family,
Important things happen in the desert.

Water . . . 

Essential to life,
Jesus' baptism and our own baptism,
Washed by God's grace and mercy,
Immersed in his love.

Wood . . . 

The crucified and risen Jesus 
with his arms spread out 
to embrace the whole world.


  1. This is so beautiful, Sheila - both your nature table and your explanations for the items on it! I think the work you're doing for Lent is wonderful. I'm so happy to feature your Lenten posts at

  2. Now I featured your lovely Lenten nature table at the Living Montessori Now Community at